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Lowering the noise floor

Stillpoints are isolation devices that sit under your components and loudspeakers, effectively decoupling them from the environment on which they sit. They are designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations and noise, the results of which allow you to hear more detail, increased dynamics, and more musicality. They heighten transparency, the speed of transients, as well as adding air, space, and dynamics (to name a few attributes) to aid in the most natural presentation. The multiple-tier filter in each product provides isolation and control of destructive vibrational energy, and in doing so it substantially improves the sonic and musical qualities of your audio system.

Our products are designed to be universal, predictable, reliable, and balanced performers. Their longevity is unmatched. They are made of stainless steel and ceramics alone. There are no springs or elastomeric materials that will fade in performance over time. In short, they are virtually indestructible and as such have incredible longevity, performing consistently for a lifetime.

The performance enhancement qualities of Stillpoints are not subtle. Our products will bring you closer to the event and make your system sound dramatically more life-like and natural. All of our products enhance any music system without touching the signal path.

The difference between damping and isolation

Damping is a decrease in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcome frictional or resistive forces. 

Isolation is the act of isolating or the quality or condition of being isolated.
 It literally means ‘to cause to be alone or apart’

. If you have a device that has direct contact from top to bottom, (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock) like single bearing devices, no matter what the materials used, it is damping – not isolating.

True isolation does not have a direct path between surfaces. Stillpoints’ patented technology stacks bearings such that there is no direct contact between the component and the surface upon which 
it rests.

 Human hearing is generally considered to be 20Hz-20kHz. With electronics, Stillpoints’ technology effectively functions over 20kHz. Typical damping products operate below 20kHz; thus shifting tonality. Despite this tonal shift, Stillpoints can easily be used with damping products to great success.

Beware Counterfeits

As with any coveted product, Stillpoints is unfortunately subject to counterfeiting. Although the counterfeit products may look pretty good, the construction is often poor and the technology is always absent.

Stillpoints products should only be purchased direct from us or via our network of approved dealers to ensure you receive the quality of product you expect.

Here’s a list of things you can expect from a counterfeit Stillpoints product;

  • Poor machining techniques
  • Very poor cosmetics
  • Limited processes – not all the processes that Stillpoints uses
  • Very poor to no laser markings
  • Bad threads
  • No brushing or texturing
  • No Loctite used
  • Technology pockets not to spec
  • Bodies not to spec
  • Higher iron content in the stainless steel used which will affect the way the filter sounds

Patented and made in the USA

All Stillpoints products are manufactured by vendors in the greater metropolitan area of Minneapolis / St Paul, MN. USA. They are designed, processed, assembled, packaged and shipped from our factory in Hudson, WI. USA.