Ultra Mini V2


The standard Ultra Mini V2 consists of three primary elements: body, base, and filter. The narrow tapered Mini Body houses the V2 technology filter. The Mini Base allows for leveling when four are used under one component. The standard thread size is an 8/32” which will fit some equipment with out the Base. The Ultra Mini V2 is available with 1/4-20 male threads to be used in the Stillpoints Component Stand, ESS X and Rail Grids. Other sizes are available by special order.


The technology filter used in the Ultra Mini is actually one of our circuit board standoffs. The disk-shaped Mini Base threads on to an 8-32 stud extending from the filter. There is a small amount of adjustment available for levelling by rotating the base on the stud. Each Ultra Mini can support 50 pounds. The Ultra Mini is not recommended for floor standing loudspeakers. The possibility of dropping one corner down with all the weight onto one Ultra Mini could damage the filter. Thus, we underrate the capacity to 50 pounds. The Ultra Mini is still version one. With circuit board standoffs there is a need for exact heights; 1/2”, 5/8”, etc. to make the circuit board standoffs in Version II requires a total rework of the design.

Ultra Mini with Base set of 4

Technical Specifications

Ultra Mini V2 - Min Height side view
Ultra Mini V2 - Max Height side view
Ultra Mini V2 - Bottom Up view
Ultra Mini V2 - Three Quarter View

Diameter: 25.15mm
Min Height: 28.08mm
Max Height: 32.65mm
Weight: 67g

All measurements represent maximums.