Ultra 7 V2


The new Stillpoints Ultra 7’s were originally custom-designed for Rockport Technology Arrakis loudspeakers. They are a culmination of years of research and development and are currently the pinnacle of the Stillpoints range. The range of thread sizes and pitches are so far custom to Rockport, Avalon, Wilson and Raidho. The size and pitch of the threads currently available are: M10-1.5, M22 – 2.0, M22 – 2.5, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16, 1/2-13.

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Sonically the Stillpoints Ultra 7 V2 will increase resolution immensely. Amazingly, the treble will become smoother and more open whilst the bass will be more controlled and tightened up.

The sound stage will become more 3 dimensional in not only height and width, but in the depth of the music as well.

Ultra 7

Technical Specifications

Ultra 7 (Avior II Version) - Three Quarter View
Ultra 7 (Avior II Version) - Side View
Ultra 7 V2 (Avior II Version)

Diameter: 100.81mm
Weight: 2093g

All measurements represent maximums.