Ultra 6 V2

The Ultra 6 V2 is the first Ultra product to use opposing technology pockets. Order the Ultra 6 V2 with an Ultra Base which provides an additional 20% to 25% in performance. Order without the Ultra Base if used in an ESS rack or with a Component Stand.

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An essential tool for audio professionals and audiophiles, the Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2 isolators are designed to help you achieve the best sound possible, whether in your home or studio. In essence, isolators lift a component off the floor (or another surface) it rests upon. By doing so, vibrations from the unit are dissipated over a larger area than would otherwise be possible.

Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2

The facts

The Ultra 6 V2 is the first Ultra product to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. It is available with or without the Ultra Base. The unique design can be used in multiple applications, including:

  • Attaching directly to an ESS rack, providing a lower profile than an Ultra 5
  • Attaching directly to a loudspeaker stand and set the monitor on the Ultra 6.
  • Use Ultra 6 with Ultra Base between a satellite and subwoofer.
  • Use Ultra 6 with Ultra Base under any component on a rack shelf.
  • The Ultra 6 can be used on its own or as part of a multi-component isolation solution.