Ultra 5 V2


The Ultra 5 V2 is the work horse of the Stillpoints loudspeaker line up. Compared to the Ultra SS which sports one technology pocket pre unit, the Ultra 5 V2 has five technology pockets. This is obvious, of course, but in practice, a set of the Ultra SS V2 offers four technology pockets per loudspeaker and a set of the Ultra 5 V2 offers 20 technology pockets per loudspeaker. This is a very significant increase in performance. The beveled bottom edge of the Ultra 5 V2 makes it easier to move large, heavy speakers across thick carpet for the minor tuning adjustments needed once isolation is added to the speakers tonal balance. Available in silver or black at no extra charge.


The Ultra 5 V2 is one of our top products for loudspeakers with a 3000 pound weight limit per foot. It utilizes five technology pockets which gather vibrations from various angles to isolate the product from the environment more comprehensibly. The five technology pockets around the outside of the device make speakers simply disappear.

It is substantially bigger and heavier than the Ultra SS. There is no levelling component in the Ultra 5 V2 so if they are going under speakers, the Ultra Bases are very useful as they provide a degree of fine tuning, but if they are being installed on a perfectly level floor these won’t be needed.

Ultra 5 V2 Set of four

How it works

The Stillpoints Ultra 5 V2 is designed to remove unwanted vibration and resonance, delivering better sound quality and a more enjoyable listening experience by making it easier for your speakers to do their job. They are the ideal solution for all your home audio applications, including high-end stereo, audiophile vinyl playback systems, and other music playback options like receivers with integrated speakers.

If you feel the need to anchor the speaker through thick carpet with spikes, the Ultra 5 V2 can accommodate you with an Ultra 5 V2 Bullet Spike. Stillpoints has a vast array of adapters
to fit the Ultra 5 to almost any loud speaker. And if we don’t, we can custom make a set for you.

Ultra 5’s come pre-installed on some of the top speakers in the industry and can be used on electronics, turntables (OEM on a few) and power conditioners.

We do make all the adaptors to attach these to your speakers.
PS. if you are in a condo arrangement your neighbors will love this purchase too!

Ultra 5