Rail Grids – 2 pack


This pack contains 2 x Rail Grids made up of;
4 x T-Nuts, 4 x 5/8″ set screws, 2 x Rail Bars, and 4 x Rail Bar Locks.

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Until now, the ESS rack has been configured with each shelf level utilizing either an Acrylic Shelf, an X Grid, or a combination of both. The Rail Grid is the next generation of ESS performance upgrade.

The Rail Grids mount perpendicular to the front and rear support bars. On the underside, near the end of each Rail are machined slots, profiled to rest over the existing square dimension of the front and rear support bars. Once installed on the support bars, the Rails can slide laterally left and right to create a support frame ideal in width for the specific component to be used. Once the Rail Grid is in position to supra the component, turn the thumb screws to tighten the Rail Grid into place. This renders a tight shelf assembly.

Channels in the top of each rail hold T-nuts that can be moved forward or back as needed to adjust for depth of a component. Attach an Ultra of your choice, from Ultra Mini to Ultra 6, to the T-nuts and adjust the location of each, forward and back, to support your component. With the adjustments complete, a Rail Lock is supplied which will affix the rail firmly in place for ultimate stability.

Sonically, every aspect of the performance of the ESS is enhanced. Harmonic body and weight gives flesh to the musicians. The image is refined beyond anything we have done before.

The Rail Grid adds greater rigidity than the standard X Grid, supports heavier components more effectively, and allows greater flexibility for Ultra filter placement specific to each component while taking full advantage of the suspended isolation that is the hallmark of the ESS Equipment Rack.

The Rail Grid will fit any Stillpoints 3/4” support bar. If the technology pockets are in the way of the placement, then rotate the bar 180 degrees and you will have total freedom of placement.

Technical Specifications

ESS Rail Grid Drawing
ESS Rail Grid

Width: 338.14mm
Height: 47.16mm


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