Ultra 7


Complete isolation of audio components

An introduction

The Ultra range were the first products ever designed by Stillpoints. Today the range encompasses a large range of equipment to suit a range of scenarios. Ultra products are often copied, but never bettered. Our patented design provides complete isolation of audio components from the surface on which they rest.

Exactly how we achieve this is a closely guarded secret, but by stacking ceramic bearings housed in stainless-steel casings in a very specific configuration, we remove any direct path through which energy can travel between the component sitting on the Ultra to the surface on which the Ultra rests. This combats the mechanical energy and vibration inherent in audio equipment, lowering the noise floor, radically improving the sound reproduced and allowing you to get closer to the music.

Stillpoints Ultra can be placed under electronic components such as amplifiers and CD transports and also as feet on loudspeakers. You can also place an Ultra on top of a component and you will find that even this will improve the sound you hear, but the real benefits come when you float your entire system which is why we created our ESS Rack range.

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