Protecting our new brand identity

Published: 07/06/2022 | Categories: News


Having established our brand identity, the next step is to implement it consistently across all relevant brand touch points. Consistent implementation is essential in promoting a strong brand. Consistency will have a positive impact on how our audience perceives our brand – the opposite is also true.

Brand identity guideline document – what is it?

The brand identity guideline document is a toolkit which is used to help with implementing the elements of the identity successfully. It exists to protect the integrity of the brand. It enables us, or anyone representing our brand to apply all the elements of the identity correctly.

Guideline content

Guideline documents come in various sizes depending on the complexity of the brand.

In our document we have an initial section devoted to the business and what makes our brand unique. This includes the following: What we do, why we do it, what our brand values are, and crucially what it is that makes our brand unique in the marketplace.

This is followed by a section which considers all the visual elements of the identity (the visual identity) and how they combine to form a cohesive look and feel. It includes all the visual tools required to produce marketing materials – for example the logo, the colour palette, the symbol, imagery and graphics, typography, and examples of best practice.