Aperture II review at Tracking Angle

Published: 07/13/2023 | Categories: News
Aperture II review at Tracking Angle

Our Aperture II acoustic panels have received a fantastic review from Ken Redmond over on Tracking Angle. Tested over several months in a range of configurations, this detailed review takes you through those configurations and the set-ups suggested by our very own Bruce Jacobs to make the most of the panels with the system and setting.

Ken concludes;

After several months of testing the Stillpoints Aperture panels in different settings, I conclude that these panels have the potential to make a significant sonic improvement in almost any system and in almost any room. They are a powerful acoustic tool that I plan to permanently use in mine.

Ken Redmond – Tracking Angle

Read the full review on Tracking Angle and get a deeper understanding of the power of our Aperture II acoustic panels and Ken’s journey to getting them working perfectly in his space.

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