Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, 2008

Denver, Colorado 2008

Reviewed by Doug Schnieder,

The other product that gave me a charge was the B1 loudspeaker from Vivid Audio, a company headquartered in South Africa. The B1 is a four-driver, three-and-half-way design that features the company's proprietary drivers and cabinet material (the website says, "complex-loaded carbon-fibre-filled polymer"). The B1 also has a unique look. Most important, though, was that the speakers sounded absolutely spectacular -- exceptionally clean and transparent and able to throw a wickedly well-defined soundstage that was wall to wall. If I had to choose one word to describe them, it would be outstanding.

The only downside to the B1 is the price: $15,000 per pair -- not cheap. However, I've heard far more expensive speakers that didn't sound as good, which makes me think that the folks at Vivid are really on to something with their unique loudspeaker designs. Like the ARC VSi60, I'd love to get my hands a pair of B1s to review. Perhaps in time.