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Ultra SS Bullet Spike

Find an adapter for your component

Stillpoints adapters provide a direct connection between your device and the Stillpoints Ultra 6, Ultra 5, Ultra SS or Base Products. The info provided should be used as a guide ONLY.

This information has been received from manufacturer’s, dealers, distributors and retail customers. It is possible that some components and loudspeakers may have non-original inserts installed, or different inserts were used on a select group of products. (All manufacturer’s state in their product specs that “Product is subject to change without notice”)

CUSTOM adapters are available, built on a cost per order basis. We recommend that distributors and dealers send a sample of the thread size directly to Stillpoints. The diameter, pitch and length of an adapter will be verified by Stillpoints. Once the Distributor or Dealer authorizes production of a Custom Adapter, a drawing is created and then the adapter is scheduled to be machined, receiving two additional processes to meet Stillpoints’ exacting standards.