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Stillpoints is a creator and manufacturer of award-winning, high-end audio products focused on improving sound presentation through mechanical and acoustic means.

The company has been successful both at home in the USA and internationally, gaining a devoted following thanks to both the astonishing noise reduction capabilities of the products and to the stylish, minimal aesthetic which complements high-end audio components of all types.

The products across the Stillpoints range are considered reference points in the industry, setting the global standard for isolation via the Ultra range and ESS Racks and for acoustic treatment by means of Aperture II acoustic panels.

Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2

“We believed that with some ingenuity and imagination, we could substantively enhance the audible quality of recorded sound.”

Paul Wakeen, CEO

Being a leader in the field, you will find Stillpoints products used as standard in a number of high-end audio manufacturers products including Vitus Audio, Estelon, HiFi One, Bricasti Design, Wolf Audio Systems, and Exact Audio.

Our singular goal over the many years we’ve been in business has been to lower the noise floor in audio systems. A lowered noise floor means heightened dynamics, more detail and more musicality. Introducing Stillpoints to your set-up is to improve the way you experience music in your system.

Stillpoints Ultra SS V2

Paul Wakeen, CEO on Stillpoints

I met Bruce in August of 1981. I was working on opening my own stereo store in River Falls, WI.

At that time I thought Denon and Yamaha were respectable performing products of high quality. Bruce introduced me to American made small manufactures like PS Audio, Amber, Belles, RH Labs, Vandersteen, Snell and 3D Acoustics. Over the years I’ve grown into Rockport Technologies, Viola Audio Labs, Bricasti, Wolf Audio Systems, Madison Audio Labs and Telos. I also grew from a hi-fi store owner to a distributor to a manufacturer. While distributing Aurios for Vistek Inc. Bruce told me of the stacking bearing design he had thought of and Stillpoints was born. Stillpoints will be 20 years old in 2022!

The two of us are very passionate about musical instruments and their reproduction. We’re knowledgeable of how audio systems work and how to integrate separate components into a musical system. We also understand the effects of the ultra-band noise on the music and equipment.

Stillpoints products are designed to be universal, predictable, reliable, and balanced performers. Their longevity is unmatched. Made of stainless steel and ceramics alone – there are no springs or elastomeric materials that will fade in performance over time – they are virtually indestructible, and as such will perform consistently for a lifetime. It must be said that Stillpoints performance enhancement qualities are not subtle. Our products will bring you closer to the event and make your system sound dramatically more life-like and natural. And all of our products enhance any music system without touching the signal path.

Our patented designs are the result of ‘out of the box thinking’ that runs counter to established industry thinking.

Stillpoints LPI V2