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Stillpoints eliminate the inaudible to perfect the audible

In order for this to happen the brand goes to extraordinary lengths to develop products so that the ultimate standard in performance is achieved every time.

The products are designed to be universal, predictable, reliable, and balanced performers. Their longevity is unmatched. They are made of stainless steel and ceramics alone – there are no springs or elastomeric materials that will fade in performance over time – they are virtually indestructible, and as such will perform consistently for a lifetime.

However, it is the level at which the products attack micro-vibrations caused by electricity flowing through components that makes them unique.

Stillpoints are the only brand that go beyond the normal audible frequency band (20Hz to 20kHz) and attack micro-vibrations above 20kHz. Every other competitor brand only addresses micro-vibrations in the audible range.

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Lower the noise floor mechanically with our patented Stillpoints ultra technology. Achieve true isolation of your components from their surroundings.

  • Ultra 7 V2

    Ultra 7 V2


    The new Stillpoints Ultra 7’s were originally custom-designed for Rockport Technology Arrakis loudspeakers. They are a culmination of years of research and development and are currently the pinnacle of the Stillpoints range. The range of thread sizes and pitches are so far custom to Rockport, Avalon, Wilson and Raidho. The size and pitch of the threads currently available are: M10-1.5, M22 – 2.0, M22 – 2.5, 1/4-20, 5/16-18, 3/8-16, 1/2-13.

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  • Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2

    Ultra 6 V2


    The Ultra 6 V2 is the first Ultra product to use opposing technology pockets. Order the Ultra 6 V2 with an Ultra Base which provides an additional 20% to 25% in performance. Order without the Ultra Base if used in an ESS rack or with a Component Stand.

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  • Ultra 5 V2

    Ultra 5 V2


    The Ultra 5 V2 is the work horse of the Stillpoints loudspeaker line up. Compared to the Ultra SS which sports one technology pocket pre unit, the Ultra 5 V2 has five technology pockets. This is obvious, of course, but in practice, a set of the Ultra SS V2 offers four technology pockets per loudspeaker and a set of the Ultra 5 V2 offers 20 technology pockets per loudspeaker. This is a very significant increase in performance. The beveled bottom edge of the Ultra 5 V2 makes it easier to move large, heavy speakers across thick carpet for the minor tuning adjustments needed once isolation is added to the speakers tonal balance. Available in silver or black at no extra charge.

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Take your listening experience to the next level with Aperture II panels from Stillpoints. These can be used in combination with your existing Stillpoints products or on their own.


The latest iteration of our exceptional component support has landed. Find out more about the next level in isolation for components.

Stillpoints Ultra ESS Rack fitted with Stillpoints Ultra 6 V2 isolators and Rail Grids viewed from above.


Simply the best racking for your audio components containing patented Stillpoints technology. Take the next steps to getting the very best from your equipment.

ESS Racks


The Stillpoints answer to audio systems requiring the remote placement of stereo or mono block amplifiers.

Component Stand SS


Aperture II review at Tracking Angle

Aperture II review at Tracking Angle

Our Aperture II acoustic panels have received a fantastic review from Ken Redmond over on Tracking Angle. Tested over several months in a range of configurations, this detailed review takes you through those configurations and the set-ups suggested by our very own Bruce Jacobs to make the most of the panels with the system and setting.

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The Absolute Sound ESS Rack Review

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Protecting our new brand identity

With a new brand identity in place, it’s essential that we encourage the correct use of our assets and maintain a consistent tone of voice.

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The Stillpoints Journey

Paul Wakeen takes you through his recommendations when starting your Stillpoints journey, including the components to consider first, through to isolating your entire system.

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