I wanted to share my overall impression of the recent "growth" of my new system.

As I have expressed before, I am extremely happy with the combination of Bryston components and the addition of Stillpoints Ultra 5's and the Analysis + cabling, power cords and interconnects.

I started this adventure with the purchase of the Bryston Middle T speakers and reference Analysis + products. I appreciated the marked improvement with the new speakers, even while using my 90's vintage amp and pre-amp. In my opinion, the Middle T's represent great value for the money and perform significantly better than the speakers I was using (also 90's vintage) or anything else I had heard in that price range. I did use the new Analysis + cabling with my old speakers and heard obvious performance improvements in them before hooking up my new Middle T's. Between the new speakers and the improved cabling/interconnects/power cords I was surprised at the improved sound quality I was getting out of my old equipment.

The improvement took a significant jump once I added eight Stillpoints Ultra 5's to replace the spike feet I was using to support the Bryston Middle T's. I immediately noticed a much tighter and accurate bottom end, better separation of the bass, mid's and hi's and a more defined dimensional sound stage. Again, this is while still using my old equipment. I would add that the adapters you provided allowed me to securely attach the Ultra 5's to the Bryston speakers' outriggers, and I can now reposition the speakers much more easily than before.

I subsequently received the Bryston B-135 Integrated Amp, and quickly enjoyed improved sound stage, separation, and a much better handling of the bottom end. Bass passages that had previously dropped off or were indiscernible mush suddenly had presence and definition; the high's and mid's are very clean.

Not long after, I added the Bryston Bit 15 power conditioner and was surprised yet again to almost immediately hear better separation, tighter bass and expanded sound stage. 

Finally, after getting used to listening to my new system with the incremental additions noted, I used three more Stillpoints Ultra 5's to support the Bryston B-135 and again immediate improvements were noted; primarily a further expansion of sound stage dimension and yet more distinction between the instruments and vocals being presented.

I have been attending quite a few live performances as of large, and am consequently very impressed with how accurate and natural this new system is. I enjoy closing my eyes while listening and "seeing" where the musicians seem to be positioned; I hear so much more from these recordings than ever before. I look forward to the day when I have replaced my current system sound source, while decent it is not of the same caliber as this new equipment. I am sure I will be surprised once again by the enhanced listening experience.