At the heart of every successful product lies a great concept. Paul Wakeen’s range of Stillpoints resonance-control designs for audio systems illuminate that point perfectly. From a straightforward 3 cones under your CD player through to a full-blown ESS (Equipment Suspension System) rack equipped with direct-coupled Component Stands, the Stillpoints system brings the kind of sonic benefits that have been traditionally associated with expensive component upgrades. As part of a carefully thought out high-end audio installation, where the preservation of musical performance should always be the prime consideration, the Stillpoints installations are, in my experience, unrivalled.


RG mentions the Stillpoint/Verity/Berning room and I must say that having heard the room the first day while Stillpoints’ Paul Wakeen used his Stillpoints only under the Parsifals, I thought things sounded quite good. I wasn’t prepared for the astonishing change for the better on the second day when he removed the ‘points and replaced them with his Component Stands. My request is in for a pair as I’m currently using Stillpoints under my Micro BE’s – and if I can gain half of what I heard in Montreal by swapping out the Stillpoints for Component Stands, I’ll be one major step closer!

~ Richard Foster, HiFi+, Issue 39, page 26, 2005

Reviewed by Steve McCormack, SMc Audio
Vista CA

Hi Paul - I want to thank you again for your support with my Stillpoint standoff trials. With the proper number of standoffs in-hand to fully populate the VRE-1 preamplifier, I decided it was time to give them an "official" evaluation. Let me preface my remarks by saying that the VRE-1 is my statement piece. It is the result of an open-ended project to develop the highest-performance preamp possible, and it was in development for over 5 years while I examined every aspect of its performance. I believe it to be among the finest preamps available today, without regard for cost. Its performance in a truly fine system - like The Lotus Group's "Granada" speakers or the Kaiser "Kaweros" at Hi-Fi One - can be startlingly lifelike...and that was before the addition of the Stillpoints standoff technology.


Reviewed by Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound
April 28, 2015

Stillpoints and Tidal Audio at Axpona Chicago, 2015

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